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Memory Lane Quilting was so named because we wanted to offer an outstanding finishing service for the wonderful quilt tops that our customers make as well as offer custom made memory quilts. A beautiful quilt made by a family member is a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

Are you looking for a special and unique gift? At Memory Lane Quilting (MLQ) we offer Memorial Quilts which are made from the clothing of a loved on who had passed on. Family members bring us favorite articles of clothing, which we inturn cut to create a unique patchwork or other pattern quilt. We are extremly proud to offer this unique service to our customers.


Memory Lane Quilting (MLQ) offers professional machine and computerized quilting for not only the experienced, but the
novice quilter.

Many of todays quilters enjoy designing, selecting their fabric and colors and sewing the pattern together, but finding the time to complete the top is sometimes a quilter's worse enemy. Unlike years ago when quilting get togethers happened and friends and family came over to help, in today's world a quilter may not have the available helping hand resources.

That's where Memory Lane Quilting comes in. We become those extra pairs of hands. Rather than have a incomplete quilt sitting around, let us team with you to complement your hard work by creating a quilt top for generations to enjoy.

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Memory Lane Quilting (MLQ) is proud to be a distributor of Nolting Longarm Quilting machines.

The Nolting Longarm quilting machine is made right here in America and has been setting the standard that all other longarm machines try follow.

Nolting Longarm Machines are light weight, durable, strong, dependable, easy to maintain, affordable and very easy to operate.

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The above quilt was brought to us for quilting. It is made of from a colletion of Crown Royale bottle bags.

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